-What is a customer loyalty program?

Think of those business card-looking things that when enough purchases have been made, will be completely hole-punched, then your customer receives some type of deal. Problem is, people tend to lose those--and it doesn't give you any information about your customer, or a way to contact them again.

With HappMobile, we solve all those problems with an easy to download rewards page, text message deals, and customer analytics. It’s like we read your mind, isn't it?

-What are “punches”?

When you run a loyalty program (Ex. Buy one get one free) on your page, a customer can complete one “punch” by participating in your loyalty program. Additionally, You can customize how many punches are needed to receive the deal and what type of deals you offer.

It’s all up to you.

-What are “text rewards”?

Just an exclusive deal that is texted to your customer to incentivise them to come back to your business. Just like everything with HappMobile, it’s fully customizable to your businesses needs.

-How does customer analytics work?

You get to choose just how much information you want from your customers when they sign up. Name, email, phone number, gender, age, address, or just zip code--are all options.

Keep it simple or go into depth, the choice is yours. We make it easy to really get to know your target market.

-Is my rewards page full customizable?

Sure is! We’ve made is seamless so your customers can enjoy a cohesive design experience.

-Do my text credits expire monthly?
Nope, they roll over so you get the most out of your deals and customer attention.

Additional text credits can be purchased, if needed.


-What's a QR code?
It Downloads your companies unique loyalty program with the press of a button, so your customers can get connected to you with their favorite QR scanner from the App Store--Or just have them punch in a 4 digit code of your choice to receive the deal. Easy!

-Are The packages customizable?
The packages are not customizable, but if your business has specific needs that our current packages can’t meet, feel free to speak with one of our sales reps to find the perfect combo for your companies needs.


-Am I getting an App?

App development can costs tens of thousands of dollars in design and maintenance. Money that your small business shouldn't need to pay in order to stay competitive. By adding your unique web url to a QR code, your customers can scan your code and it will automatically download your page to their home screen, similar to an App (or just type it into their search bar on their web browser and click “save to homescreen” on iphone).


-Who can I call if I need help?

Ghost Busters!...Just kidding, you can just shoot us an email at info@happmobile.com and we will get back to you within one business day.

-What happens after I sign up?

With the email you provided, we will send you a merchant welcome packet that gives you every bit of info you will need and any next steps to take to getting your customer loyalty program up and thriving.